Step 1: Get Prepared
  • Consider how an earthquake will affect your area. Look around and imagine what would happen in a major earthquake. What would fall? What would be damaged? This great list from Earthquake Country Alliance will show you no cost and low cost ways to better safeguard your home or workplace in the event of an earthquake.
  • Learn the basics of “Drop, Cover and Hold On”
  • Designate an outdoor assembly area, in the event that your building is considerably damaged and unsafe.
  • Do you live or work near the coast? Consider the event of a tsunami evacuation, and find out where the safe ground area is for your region.
Video and Audio Player
Step 2: Download Resources
  • Download audio and video recordings of the ShakeOutBC drill, which provide easy to follow instructions for participants, and simulated earthquake sounds.
Step 3: Register for the Drill
  • Chose a date and time, or register to participate along with millions worldwide for The Great Shakeout.
Step 4: When it’s Time
  • Play the downloaded recordings out loud.
    “Drop, Cover, Hold On”: Drop to the ground, take cover under a table or desk and hold on as if a real earthquake was occurring. Learn what you should do if you have a disability or physical limitation.
  • Wait for the “shaking” to stop and count to 60 to allow objects that may have shifted during the shaking to settle, then cautiously come out of your safe DROP, COVER, HOLD ON location.
  • While evacuation during an actual earthquake should never be automatic, you may wish to practice evacuation to your designated assembly area.
  • Run through the steps listed in “After the Shaking Stops” informational brochures, according to where you are practicing your drill:
Drop! Cover! Hold On!

Other Things to Consider

Plan with 3 steps
Have a Plan
Draft a family or work emergency plan outlining how you’ll respond during an earthquake, especially if you’re separated. Make sure to consider pets and people who need extra help. Making a plan is a great way to start.
Earthquake Kit
Build an Emergency Kit
Stock enough food, water and emergency supplies to sustain you for a minimum of three days. Longer is better. Need a quick solution? SOS is a Great Shakeout Partner and provides purchasable emergency kits.
Emergency Backpack
Creat grab-and-go bags
Earthquakes aren’t guaranteed to happen when you’re at home. Have emergency kits for your vehicle and workplace. You can also find kits like this through SOS.
Seismically Secure Your Home / Workplace
Identify items that may topple in your home, workplace or school. Secure heavy furniture to wall studs.
Consider Earthquake Insurance
Contact your provider and find out what’s available or recommended.
If You’re a Business or Organization

Develop, review and exercise your continuity plan. Here are a few helpful websites:

Canadian Centre for Excellence in Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce

Council Public Safety Canada

Participate in the Great ShakeOut

Over 56.4 Million Participants Worldwide
Participants in BC Last Year:725 Thousand
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Who's Participating? Click on a region on the map of BC to see the region specific participation tally.
126 Days Until the 2024 ShakeOut
Current BC Wide Total 11,632
Cariboo 1
Kootenay 250
Lower Mainland 7,026
Nechako 1
North Coast 1
Northeast 0
Thompson Okanagan 491
Vancouver Island / Coast 3,802